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The Next Celebrity-In-Chief: RIP #Oprah2020 Who’s Next? (Opinion)

Oprah Winfrey recently set the Internet ablaze when her Golden Globe's speech inspired people to call for her candidacy in the 2020 presidential run. While “President Oprah” may be intriguing, America should be looking for someone with a firm grip on policy-making and years of experience who knows how to maneuver through the system rather than another celebrity.

Musings on the CNN Republican Presidential Debate

It’s the most wonderful time of the year -- for those of us who derive pleasure from the antics of the Republican presidential primaries. This past week, eleven top-polling candidates gathered to vie for both the 2016 nomination and the most convincing embodiment of the retrospectively declared saintly principles of Ronald Reagan, whose presidential library aptly served as the location for the CNN debate.