All in Pulp

"Fantasy," A Short Story

Outside, the sky is smeared with chocolate. The lights are faint and ominous. My tall, gigantic windows are still and gentle, leaving no trace of wet rain or powered snow.

The Eternal Influence of Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the highest selling novel series in human history, and if technology continues to advance exponentially, the written word may obsolesce before a rival author can snatch the crown. For a generation of youth, Harry Potter served as an introduction to existential philosophy; we were compelled to contemplate mortality and acknowledge death as a natural process.

Lost in Time and Space

Grief has been a confusing journey. When Nana died, I did grieve, and I have continued to do so. But I grieve for what I missed out on. Nana never saw me graduate high school, never even saw Hudson leave middle school, and Zach was lost in time and space. We were the forgotten grandchildren.