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Another Night of Comedy with AKT!

On October 6th, Awkward Kids Talking filled the auditorium with a laughing audience as they performed their first show of the year, the Newbie Show, to debut their new cast members and provide an entertaining night for all in attendance.

Love, Simon: Let Me Be Perfectly Queer

Friday night got you wanting something to make you cry and a little gay? Well there’s only one answer: Greg Berlanti’s new film, Love, Simon. The film is generous and cruel, and teaches us that even though life tends to not be fair, we should continue to believe in some form of hope.

The Post Reminds Us Why Press is Powerful

Oscar nominations have just been released, and The Post received several well-deserved nominations. On star power alone, this movie was a strong contender for a number of categories. Since the media and government have never been more at odds than they are today, this movie’s release seems very appropriate.

Small Mouth Sounds, Big Impact

Despite the certain brand of uneasiness I typically begin to feel when I’m surrounded by theater majors, I walked into Small Mouth Sounds on Nov. 12 with the intent of enjoying myself. Small Mouth Sounds centers on six distinct personalities, lead by a “teacher” who only appears as a voice played through the speakers, as they fumble through a nature retreat during which talking is prohibited.

17th Annual Beatlemore Skidmania: Trippy and Loud

In what seems like a whirlwind, Beatlemore Skidmania has come and gone as the weekend of Nov. 17 comes to an end. Every year, Skidmore students and the Saratoga community come together to celebrate a certain era of The Beatles. The 17th annual show celebrated Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, as well as the transcendent single “Strawberry Fields Forever.

"Antigone:" The Timeless and Hidden Play

When I first reserved my ticket to see the Skidmore studio lab Antigone, I received an email response telling me to keep the production’s location in the chapel a secret. At first, I was confused, but as the play begun, the elaborate set up started to make perfect sense. 

Thor: Ragnarok, More Than Brute Force

In the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Thor is often overlooked. His first two stand-alone films were mediocrely received, and he is usually pushed to the side when on screen with his fellow Avengers. In Thor: Ragnarok, the supporting heroes are brought to the main stage to save the day.

Horror and Absurdity of Humanity on Display in mother!

Movies regarding the environment have been on the up given the irreversible man-made damages to Mother Earth. However, no one has attempted an environmental horror film. That is, of course, until director Darren Aronofsky premiered mother!, an allegorical story on the destruction of Earth. But has the bit off more than it can chew?