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Drobakid Album Release: "Two Moons"

Drobakid has easily become a staple of the music scene here on campus, gracing us with music to sway to, dance to, and hum on the way to class. On April 12, the group held a project release event and show at the Schick Gallery to release their first album, Two Moons.

Collectors and Collections: Passion Turned into Profession

For most people, a pile of toys when you’re a child is your first collection. Throughout one’s life, they go through many other collections, ranging from books to vinyl to even clothes. For Neal Matherne, Collections Ethnographer for the Tang Museum and the Library, this became the norm as he developed many different collections throughout his life.

Collectors and Collections: The Timelessness of Clocks

In their daily lives, people notice many different things. What they often overlook? The standard analog clock donning the walls of most classrooms and homes. For Skidmore sophomore Sean Heaney, the everyday object has become a collection item. Heaney has a wall full of different clocks he has collected over the years, with a story to tell about each one.

Concert Countdown: 2/27 - 3/6

Every week in Saratoga and the surrounding region, there are countless concerts, from unknown bands to pop stars on the radio. Here are the top five concerts in and around Saratoga Springs this week.

Collections and Collectors: Travel Artifacts

Skidmore students all have their own unique traits, from different hobbies, to different majors, and even different collections. When she’s not on the quidditch field, in the dance studio, or in the geology lab, Elle Ping ’21 works on her collection of pins and decks of cards.

A Walk Through the Juried Exhibit

If you’re an artist at Skidmore, one of the most rewarding accomplishments is to get your work featured in the Juried Student Exhibit. Out of hundreds of entries, about 70 are chosen to be in the gallery. The works feature each student’s talent and come together to create a cohesive and impressive exhibit.

On The Shelf: Remembering Forgotten Pieces

Much of the Skidmore community is familiar with the high-quality works cyclically displayed at the Tang Teaching Museum. Fewer know just how extensive the assemblage is, surpassing 14,000 objects, and only select staff can take in all the art as a whole—art that seemingly has only the title “permanent collection” in common.

How the Juried Student Exhibit Comes to Life

Each year, the Schick Gallery asks students to enter their work to be featured in the gallery for a month. Two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and even digital pieces are accepted for entry, making this opportunity one artists should not miss. Curatorial Assistant of the Schick Rebecca Shepard explained how they set up the beloved Juried Student Exhibit.