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The Eternal Influence of Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the highest selling novel series in human history, and if technology continues to advance exponentially, the written word may obsolesce before a rival author can snatch the crown. For a generation of youth, Harry Potter served as an introduction to existential philosophy; we were compelled to contemplate mortality and acknowledge death as a natural process.

Lost in Time and Space

Grief has been a confusing journey. When Nana died, I did grieve, and I have continued to do so. But I grieve for what I missed out on. Nana never saw me graduate high school, never even saw Hudson leave middle school, and Zach was lost in time and space. We were the forgotten grandchildren.


Daniel acts kind of weird around a lot of people, but he thinks it’s them who are acting weird. He just wants to be friendly. 

Thanksgiving "Break"

Professors feel just a little bit too comfortable assigning vast amounts of homework over the break. Whether that is because the break is so short that they do not consider it legitimate or if they are plain sadistic, I have yet to conclude.

The Game

The whole world seems to hold its breath as they wait,

Poised like statue versions of their usually energetic selves

Their legs itching to run

Their arms itching to sweep the ball into the back boards of the goal

The air is cold and crisp, adding an extra pep in everyone’s step,

And the sky is a perfect watercolor

How To Deal with Losing a Friend

When a safety net has been pulled but you keep jumping anyway, at some point the black and blue scars don’t seem real. Nothing makes sense when part of your most prominent memories are torn in half. It’s hard to realize nothing mattered when at a point our friendship was my world.


 Falling, floating down, the leaves of Saratoga, yellow and brown. Upon dreary students humbled by grades and papers.