The Eternal Influence of Harry Potter

The Eternal Influence of Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the highest selling novel series in human history, and if technology continues to advance exponentially, the written word may obsolesce before a rival author can snatch the crown. For a generation of youth, Harry Potter served as an introduction to existential philosophy; we were compelled to contemplate mortality and acknowledge death as a natural process. And as the Western world became increasingly dismissive of religion, Harry Potter proved to many a substitutive source of moral guidance.

At Skidmore College, you can see evidence of its effects everywhere. Over a decade after The Deathly Hallows, the Skwizards continue to theorize, analyze, and debate. There is a fully-rostered Quidditch team which practices biweekly and competes in interstate tournaments. Harry Potter’s magic can even be found in the student government’s policies.

            Indeed, the SGA’s Want to start a club? guide is a homage to the story that started it all, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Even casual fans will recall the climax, in which Harry, Ron, and Hermione take it upon themselves to secure the Stone. They soon realize the professors of Hogwarts have layered obstacles to protect the invaluable artifact. The trio must rely on their bravery, grit, and ingenuity to overcome the magical ordeals, and ultimately Harry reaches the final trial. There he encounters the Mirror of Erised, a mysterious device which recognizes what the onlooker desires most. Before the mirror is villainous Professor Quirrel, whose evil aspirations are reflected in the glass. Conversely, Harry steps to the mirror with a pure heart, and his noble intentions grant him the Stone.

Although Skidmore College possesses no such mirror, there are objects of desire that rival the Sorcerer’s Stone. And we can’t simply allow the Quirrels of the world to obtain them. Thus, we must find non-magical ways to determine worthiness. Fortunately, we have Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as a blueprint, and the Student Government Association has used it wisely to vet aspiring clubs.

Incredibly, even without wands, the SGA matches the Hogwarts faculty in regulatory prowess. The 300-signature stipulation is just as suffocating as Professor Sprout’s Devil’s Snare, and the meetings schedule may be more perplexing than Professor Snape’s potion riddle. Even if an applicant were so bold and resourceful as to surmount the initial eleven trials, they must still face the SGA’s Mirror of Erised—Step 12: Schedule a meeting with Senate for a final vote.

Perceptive Potter fans often conclude that Hogwarts faculty such as Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, and Albus Dumbledore are the series’ true heroes for their tirelessly sacrificial protection of the naïve youth. Accordingly, Skidmore students should acknowledge the tragically underappreciated senators who protect them from unfit clubs.


Please enjoy the condensed text of the SGA’s Want to start a Club? guide:


1.     Fill out and submit the Intent-to-Organize form.

2.     Schedule a preliminary meeting with the Vice President of Club Affairs. The VPCA must determine the mission and purpose of your club is not/could not be already represented by another club that exists.

3.     The VPCA may also ask that you meet with the Vice President of Final Affairs, who will address any concerns about the financial sustainability of your club.

4.     You must gather at least three hundred (300) signatures in order to be eligible for a trial period.

5.     Schedule a meeting with the CAC to discuss your 8-week trial period. If CAC determines that your club has a viable and sustainable place at Skidmore, you will be given the opportunity to begin your trial.

6.      Gather a full executive board.

7.      Establish meeting times and begin planning and executing club events.

8.      Meet with the VPCA halfway through your trial period.

9.      Write a charter.

10.   Schedule a meeting with the B&F Committee to create a budget for your club.

11.   Schedule a meeting with the CAC to determine whether they will recommend that your club be chartered to SGA Senate.

12.  Schedule a meeting with SGA Senate for a final vote. 


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