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An Evening with Hugo Genes, Director of 'Collegetown'

Hugo Genes sits at a long table at Sushi Thai Garden in downtown Saratoga Springs on a rainy Nov. 5 night. Stoic and sturdy with a handsomely-structured face, he greets us warmly as we walk in for the dinner-dialogue, an event sponsored by the MDOCs program and Associate Dean of the Faculty Ron Seyb. After this dinner, Genes will adjourn to Emerson Auditorium, to premiere his latest feature-length independent film, Collegetown.

Louder Together: Forgotten Voices of #MeToo

These past few months have signaled a switch in power. Women of all ages, backgrounds, and statuses have united together to form an impenetrable strength against their assaulters and abusers. However, these conversations seem to lack a whole set of important voices. While we feel conflicted about pitying the male perspective, these movements will benefit from discussing when and where men fit into the conversation.