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OPINION: Are the Grammys and Other Award Shows Outdated?

Recently, the 2019 Grammys aired with drama, accusations, and controversy galore — Ariana Grande pulled out of attending and performing at the last minute and critics ripped J-Lo a new one for her Motown performance, just to name a few. It seems that award show viewers cannot get through the show without either losing interest or engaging in some kind of drama. It’s time for a change, and a fresh new look at pop culture

OPINION: The Case for Liberal Arts

At the 2016 Meeting of Association of American Colleges and Universities, a question was posed: “What is the liberal arts?” After the Boston Globe’s reporting of 28% of closures, mergers or changing missions among 500 small private colleges in the past fifty years, this question has only increased in relevance and importance.

The Next Celebrity-In-Chief: RIP #Oprah2020 Who’s Next? (Opinion)

Oprah Winfrey recently set the Internet ablaze when her Golden Globe's speech inspired people to call for her candidacy in the 2020 presidential run. While “President Oprah” may be intriguing, America should be looking for someone with a firm grip on policy-making and years of experience who knows how to maneuver through the system rather than another celebrity.