Bonnets and Booze: Inside the MainStage Production

Blending comedy and drama together, Bonnets attacks inherited trauma head-on, providing characters that react like real people. The play, which opens on Nov. 16 and deals with themes of addiction, inheritance and womanhood, was written and directed by Julia May Jonas, professor of playwriting at Skidmore.

Beatlemore Skidmania 2018: A Preview

Beatlemore 2018 is set to kick off with 14 acts, some student-formed bands, and others like Skidmore's own acapella groups. The show will be focusing on the White Album, which is sure to transport the Skidmore community and greater Saratoga area to 1968 this Friday, Nov. 16, with an 8 p.m. show, and two more the following day, at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.

That Time of the Month Just Got a Bit Easier

Skidmore’s Peer Health Educators (PHEs) and the Health Promotions director, Jennifer McDonald, have created a campaign to provide tampons and pads to all restrooms around campus.
 They have been offering free menstrual products out of the Student Wellness Center for several years, but were searching for a more accessible option.

The Duality of Man: Jason Ross on His Music and Style

When talking to Jason Ross ‘20, it is easy to see that his love for, and delight in, music has only grown from his early years. A music major and arts administration minor, Ross will be releasing his debut EP, The Duality of Man, on Nov. 9, alongside another EP, Pictoria Vark, which he’s collaborated on.

An Evening with Hugo Genes, Director of 'Collegetown'

Hugo Genes sits at a long table at Sushi Thai Garden in downtown Saratoga Springs on a rainy Nov. 5 night. Stoic and sturdy with a handsomely-structured face, he greets us warmly as we walk in for the dinner-dialogue, an event sponsored by the MDOCs program and Associate Dean of the Faculty Ron Seyb. After this dinner, Genes will adjourn to Emerson Auditorium, to premiere his latest feature-length independent film, Collegetown.

Skidmore News' Guide to the NYS Midterms

The midterm elections are coming up fast — Nov. 6, to be exact — and there are a lot of names and seats on the ballot that may be confusing for the average voter. But don’t fear, Skidmore News has gone through the local ballot and created a guide to both the Republican and Democratic nominees!

A Brief Look into "Pressed"'s Six Contemporaries

From intricate wood prints to windows, the new Schick exhibit, “Pressed: Six Contemporary Printmakers,” has something for every viewer. The show, which opened during celebration weekend, displays artist who share parts of their lives in their work, allowing viewers to almost become part of the artist themselves