College Admissions Boards Are Supporting Peaceful Protesters

On Feb. 25, Skidmore College publicly stated that high school students suspended for peacefully protesting will not be penalized by admissions, joining the rank of other universities -- including Brown, Brandeis, and Northeastern -- that have made similar statements. This move proves the validity of youth movements, but also brings into question how to effectively protest, especially for the Skidmore students not protected.

Great Movies from 2017 You Might've Missed

2017 was a tremendous year for cinema. While movies like the Shape of Water, Call Me by Your Name, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri received a ton of attention from the Oscars, other films were unfortunately ignored in the process, going under-appreciated by both audiences and award shows alike. Therefore, here are a few great films that might’ve slipped your radar.

Black Panther: Gold Medal Winner

Black Panther made his silver screen debut in Captain America: Civil War, and was considered one of the best parts of the movie (despite having a relatively minor role). The bar was certainly set high for the Black Panther solo film, but it looks like they not only made it over that bar, but won the gold medal, too. 


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