Public to Students: Rethinking Course Evaluations

As the semester comes to a close, students will devote twenty minutes of every class to fill out course evaluations. The purpose of these evaluations is to assess the structure of courses, as well as consider a professor's tenure candidacy; however, these evaluations could do so much more. Without compromising the original mission of the surveys, the feedback could also be used by students to inform their course selections.

Skidmore’s December Dance Showcase Displays Young Talent

Skidmore's Dance Theatre buzzes with parents, alumni, and students eager to witness the dedication Skidmore dancers have put into the December Showcase.  One of the dancers, adorned in the group black and white uniform, leaps and bounds in between a dozen other dancers.  Her blonde braid whips across her back.  Her name is Julia Keys '21.

David Brooks Says Trump was the Wrong Answer to the Right Question

Like many Skidmore students, David Brooks, a world renowned journalist who is currently a conservative writer at the New York Times, was surprised by Trump’s win. To get to the bottom of what happened, Brooks spent 18 months in “Trumpland.” What he found was Americans who recognized Trump’s character flaws, but nonetheless regarded him as their “shot at change.”

More Than A Pulse in Your Veins

The Pulse final show kicked off at Davis Auditorium with a huge uproar from the crowd. Members of the performing group opened up the show in the dimmed light of Davis auditorium, while wearing ties as bands on their eyes. Check out our video with Pulse for the interview and some performances.

Small Mouth Sounds, Big Impact

Despite the certain brand of uneasiness I typically begin to feel when I’m surrounded by theater majors, I walked into Small Mouth Sounds on Nov. 12 with the intent of enjoying myself. Small Mouth Sounds centers on six distinct personalities, lead by a “teacher” who only appears as a voice played through the speakers, as they fumble through a nature retreat during which talking is prohibited.

A Hundred Years On

2017 marks the centennial anniversary of women’s suffrage in the New York State. While the efforts of thousands of women in the Women’s Suffrage Movement were integral toward gaining voting rights, the movement’s blatant racism should not go unnoticed.