The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

This past month Skidmore College welcomed Elizabeth Kolbert, author of the Pulitzer Prize winning book The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History back to campus. Sponsored by the the Saratoga Springs Public Library, the Gannett auditorium was nearly full with an overwhelming majority of older members of the community, along with a smattering of Skidmore students and faculty.

The Eternal Influence of Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the highest selling novel series in human history, and if technology continues to advance exponentially, the written word may obsolesce before a rival author can snatch the crown. For a generation of youth, Harry Potter served as an introduction to existential philosophy; we were compelled to contemplate mortality and acknowledge death as a natural process.

Love, Simon: Let Me Be Perfectly Queer

Friday night got you wanting something to make you cry and a little gay? Well there’s only one answer: Greg Berlanti’s new film, Love, Simon. The film is generous and cruel, and teaches us that even though life tends to not be fair, we should continue to believe in some form of hope.

A Heated Chat by the Fireside: Peterson Revisited

Last Wed., April 11, President Philip Glotzbach and Marie Glotzbach welcomed students to a fireside chat in the Kisiel Atrium of the Murray-Aikins Dining Hall. That evening, approximately 20 students gathered to express their opinions about bringing Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist, to campus. The students were clearly divided on this issue.