A Follow-up with the "Friends of Skidmore" Commission

A recently published SGA article featured the creation of a new commission called, “Friends of Skidmore” Commission on Sobriety and Recovery. The article focused on the formal legislation of the commission and covered the bylaws by Julia Budsey ‘19, SGA VP for Club Affairs, but did not explain the full scope of work and research that has contributed to the formation of this initiative.

An X-Man's Last Stand, Logan Review

It has been almost 20 years since the release of the first X-Men film, which means that nearly two decades have passed since Hugh Jackman first put on the Wolverine claws. Here is a review on the latest addition to the X-Men franchise!


Trump's New Travel Ban

Trump’s new travel ban will exempt legal permanent residents and individuals with valid visas, but critics claim that the administration continues to promote hatred and Islamaphobia. 

General Education Revisions Still Require Review

Faculty have put up for vote The General Education Curriculum Proposal, which outlines changes to graduation requirements, on April 7. Despite various strengths, some well-intended sections are worded in such a way that may cause ineffective implementation. The Board recommends that the proposal undergo a clarifying revision, and be considered for approval in May.

Skidmore Basketball Sets the Academic Pace in Liberty League

Despite faltering in Liberty League playoffs, Skidmore’s Men’s and Women’s basketball teams cleaned up in post-season awards on both sides. The two teams combined to have 9 athletes named to the Liberty League All-Academic Teams for the Winter sports season, which requires athletes who are sophomores or older to maintain a GPA of at least 3.30.