On Hugo Chávez and Donald Trump

Hugo Chávez ran on a promise of “punishing those elites who had 'ruined the country.''' He split Venezuelans along class lines while carrying a message of aggressive change. Just like Chávez, Donald Trump appealed to a group that had been left behind by the broad, technocratic policies of the ruling class.

Basketball Heads into the Home Stretch

As February begins to wind down, College Basketball ratchets up the intensity. This year, both the Skidmore Men’s and Women’s basketball teams have not only qualified for the Liberty League playoffs, but also are the #1 overall seeds in their respective brackets. Both teams boast impressive league and overall records, and also immense talent

CDC Conundrums

A number of improvements have been made over the last few years as the center has rolled out its “What’s NEXT” program, which is designed to engage students throughout all 4 years at Skidmore.  These changes may seem significant, but they have not necessarily translated into job opportunities for students on a larger scale.

That’s A Thing? Team Handball

Played mostly in Germany and Scandinavia, Team Handball is an Olympic sport that never really took off here in the United States. The highest level of Team Handball is played at the Olympics. It has been a part of the Games since the 1972 Munich Games.

The Ban and the Rule of Law

On Friday, Feb.3, a federal district court in Seattle put a temporary injunction on Trump’s controversial immigration ban, sparking much debate regarding the ethical aspects of the executive order, but little to no debate about the legal precedents and ramifications involved.

RUST: A Short Story

This girl with hair like fresh rust and translucent skin like skim milk. Was she a transfer student? New to the neighborhood? Why hadn’t she stood up at the beginning of the year and announced her name, birthday, and favorite animal like the rest of us?