Media Underplayed Trump Support; We Helped

The Times did not fully cover Trump’s supporters because of a broader trend in the media to shift towards profit margins and away from providing universal service.  The Times' actions line up with a recent pattern in media in which providers look for new readers, but only from the same group or types of people who already subscribe to them.

My Best Friend Voted for Trump. I Still Love Her.

There is a desire to banish any Trump supporter from our lives, even if they are family members.  Some may have seen a harsh Facebook status such as, “If you voted for Trump, Stein, or Johnson, don’t talk to me ever again.”  If we, those upset with the election, are truly looking for repair, unity, and acceptance in the US, we cannot exclude Trump supporters from our lives.

Review: Doctor Strange

  Just because summer is over does not mean the blockbusters have stopped. It has only been a whopping five months since Captain America: Civil War was released, but to make sure we did not forget about the superhero universe in that timespan, Marvel threw us another movie in the form of Doctor Strange. 

Trump and Our Nihilism

We have beaten our country to the ground and now all we have left is a sadness for all the good that we have lost in pursuit of something novel. When the chants to “make America great again,” fade into memory, we will know the sting of partisanship and the greatness we all have left behind.

Moving Forward: Without Her

My father asked why it felt that way and I told him, “Dad, it feels like we are mourning the loss of our freedom. People are afraid of what is to come. We are scared that we no longer have the right to our own body.” He told me that as hard as it may be to write down how I feel, that I should do it, so here it is.