Skidmore College Cancels Spring

By Andrew Shi, '15  

The Skidmore News has learned that the administration unilaterally canceled spring. The decision came about a month ago, but went unannounced in the hope that students wouldn't notice. The recent cancellation is only the newest in a string of terminated long-held traditions that the administration has made this academic year. Last fall the administration cancelled Moorebid and fun.


When asked why they cancelled spring, the administration replied that it was part of their newest initiative to cut down drinking. "There is a clear correlation between warm weather and partying. If it's cold, fewer students are willing to brave the outdoors on a Friday or Saturday night," said Jeffrey Bryant, Assistant Dean of Student Life.


However, the newest ban on spring may have counterproductive repercussions, as some students are searching for an answer to the unending dismal weather at the bottom of the bottle. "My friends and I have made a drinking game out of it," Janet Bradley '17 said. "We take a shot for every degree the high is below forty and an additional four shots for every inch of snow. I've taken sixteen shots in the last two days."


Surprisingly, the College has received little backlash for their action. "I would go protest, but it is literally freezing outside," Henry Sims said. "I might send a strongly worded letter instead."


However, the College's brash decision has raised the specter that the College might move to cancel Fun Day, Skidmore's other 4/20.


"We did consider it [banning Fun Day], but decided against it in the end" Bryant said. "The fact of the matter is that even if the weather is warm enough, and somehow all the snow melts, knowing Saratoga it'll probably just rain anyways."


Summer is still scheduled to commence once the semester ends, but not a moment before.



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