Skidmore Madlibs "My Friday Night"


By Nicole Smith, Pulp co-editor

My Friday Night

It began when I invited my ____ (noun)_____ over to my house at around 7 p.m. I was _____(adverb)___ cooking a dinner of _____(food)___ for the both of us when my friend asked us what we should ___(verb )___ tonight. I decided to text ____(person)___ to see what they were doing tonight. They replied that they were going to __ __(place)___ and suggested that we come along. Once we arrived, we immediately began ___(verb ending in –ing)___ and ___(verb ending in –ing)___. We soon become bored of this and decided to go to ___(place)___. So we called a ____(noun)___ and _ __(verb)___there. When we arrived, everyone was ____(verb ending in-ing)___. We stayed all night and had a lot of ____(noun)____. Everything turned into a ____(adjective)____ mess. We had no idea where we were or how to get home. We ended up getting lost in ___(place)___ for ____(number)___ ____(unit of time)___. Finally! We arrived at home, were both of us had a ____(adjective)___ night sleep, until tomorrow.

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