"Dance Delight" Illuminates Skidmore's Best Performers

dance delight pic By Madeleine Freundlich, Contributing Writer


This past Saturday, Skidmore students got to experience an impressive array of incredible dancers. Performance groups and soloists joined forces to create the spectacular show, "Dance Delight." This collaboration was the first of its kind, and included every student-run dance group on campus, as well as a talented hip-hop group from Siena College. After the first half of the show, Skidmore and Siena dancers independently faced off in one-on-one dance battles. Officiated by break-dancer and hip-hop pioneer "Crazy Legs," dancers of all different styles each had a minute to improvise their best moves to a variety of pop, dance, and hip-hop music. The competitors primarily performed in a style that could be categorized as a fusion of hip-hop and breakdance, although jazz and even ballet influences could be seen.

The show was designed and executed by Daniel Li of 213 Crew. When asked about the performance, Li said he was very happy with how the event turned out, and the best part was to watch the dancers "communicate and inspire each other with their moves, and free themselves within diverse styles." Every competitor was in fact quite unique, from Prince Tsabedze's impressive micro-isolations to Michaela Ritz's funky and graceful moves. All of the competitors exuded joy and confidence, responding to each other with playful mimicry. John Li, well known for his sensual yet sharp style, was crowned champion of the competition after several very intense battles. Li's performance showed off both his technique and passion. Students watching the dancers said they were surprised and impressed by the sheer amount of talent displayed. Daniel Li says he would love to make this show an annual tradition, to "teach the history, concepts, and foundation of hip-hop" to Skidmore students for years to come.

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