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OPINION: How We Talk About the Holocaust

There was nothing about Reich’s story that was any more gruesome or devastating than the stories I had heard throughout middle and high school. I was not even brought to tears by the emotions, or lack thereof, of my seatmates — both of whom had dozed off as Reich addressed the audience. I exited the auditorium swiftly after Reich concluded, wiping tears with shaken fists.

Cliffs and Challenges: Laura Brunner White and Her Untold Story

On Monday, Sept. 17, the American Studies department welcomed Jared Champion to speak about his discovery of the unpublished autobiography manuscript for Cliffs and Challenges by Laura Brunner White. Champion wanted to go to Yosemite because he had not been able to travel, so he began digging deep in the archives and uncovered the incredible story of White.

Professor Sigal Ben-Porath to Give Free Speech Lecture

On Sept. 14, University of Pennsylvania’s Education and Politics Professor Sigal Ben-Porath will give a lecture about free speech on college campuses. In her book, Ben-Porath focuses on the important role free speech plays on increasingly diverse college campuses. Her lecture will take place this Thursday, Sept. 13 at 7 P.M

The Man with a Camera and a Purpose

Jason Houston, a world traveler whose goal is to make environmental issues around the globe heard, visited Skidmore to meet with students and hold a lecture on Tuesday, March 27th to talk about his career as a photographer and environmentalist.