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On The Shelf: Remembering Forgotten Pieces

Much of the Skidmore community is familiar with the high-quality works cyclically displayed at the Tang Teaching Museum. Fewer know just how extensive the assemblage is, surpassing 14,000 objects, and only select staff can take in all the art as a whole—art that seemingly has only the title “permanent collection” in common.

Down the Rabbit Hole and into Tim Davis' Mind

Now an accomplished photographer, videographer, and certified collector (among other passions), Davis will be showcasing much of his work in a new Tang exhibit titled When We Dance (I get Ideas), which opens Oct. 20. Here, viewers will get a look into his eclectic passions and unique approach to art.

"This Place": 12 Artists' Takes on Israel and the West Bank

This Place, an exhibit in the Tang Museum until late April, is a multi- year project that invited a group of international artists to explore Israel and the West Bank between 2009 and 2012. Each of the twelve photographers in This Place spent an extended period of time in a place where Muslims and Jews, Palestinians and Isrealis, Africans, Bedouins, and others live side by side. What resulted is an exhibit as equally powerful as it is sentimental.

Night at the Tang Museum

Something just happened to me that I still cannot comprehend. Even as I write this, I cannot be sure the events I will soon describe were not side effects of bodily exhaustion combined with caffeine abuse. Yet I write anyway. Because maybe if someone finds this, that means it happened to them too -- that they saw the pictures move.