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Love, Simon: Let Me Be Perfectly Queer

Friday night got you wanting something to make you cry and a little gay? Well there’s only one answer: Greg Berlanti’s new film, Love, Simon. The film is generous and cruel, and teaches us that even though life tends to not be fair, we should continue to believe in some form of hope.

Master Class with Larry Opitz: Director of "Julius Caesar"

Professor Larry Opitz is the director of Janet Kinghorn Bernhard’s (JKB) mainstage play this semester. And if Skidmore is going to put on a Shakespearean play, no one is better to direct it than Opitz. With Julius Caesar opening this week, students, faculty, and community members will be able to see for themselves the intricate world and knowledge of detail inherent in any of his productions.

The Man with a Camera and a Purpose

Jason Houston, a world traveler whose goal is to make environmental issues around the globe heard, visited Skidmore to meet with students and hold a lecture on Tuesday, March 27th to talk about his career as a photographer and environmentalist.

Great Movies from 2017 You Might've Missed

2017 was a tremendous year for cinema. While movies like the Shape of Water, Call Me by Your Name, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri received a ton of attention from the Oscars, other films were unfortunately ignored in the process, going under-appreciated by both audiences and award shows alike. Therefore, here are a few great films that might’ve slipped your radar.

Black Panther: Gold Medal Winner

Black Panther made his silver screen debut in Captain America: Civil War, and was considered one of the best parts of the movie (despite having a relatively minor role). The bar was certainly set high for the Black Panther solo film, but it looks like they not only made it over that bar, but won the gold medal, too. 

A Look into the 2018 Juried Student Exhibit

This year’s Juried Student Exhibition, being held at the Schick Gallery until March 6th, shows chosen works of students in varying Studio Art courses. All of the works of art showcase the incredible talent that Skidmore students have. Each piece is significantly different from the next, showing the true style of techniques that range from student to student.

ComFest 2018 Chomps On Your Funny Bone

It was a mad dash to get ComFest tickets this year, as the much-anticipated 29th Annual National College Comedy Festival was completely sold out by Thursday. The lineup consisted of improv and sketch comedy groups from seven colleges and universities from the Northeast U.S. area, and had a total of twelve acts. So many intriguing ideas were experimented with and laughed about, and every group should be proud of their wild imaginations and prowess at delivering a punchline.

"This Place": 12 Artists' Takes on Israel and the West Bank

This Place, an exhibit in the Tang Museum until late April, is a multi- year project that invited a group of international artists to explore Israel and the West Bank between 2009 and 2012. Each of the twelve photographers in This Place spent an extended period of time in a place where Muslims and Jews, Palestinians and Isrealis, Africans, Bedouins, and others live side by side. What resulted is an exhibit as equally powerful as it is sentimental.

A Film of Shakespearean Proportions: Kara-Murza's "Nemtsov"

Nemtsov follows this great Russian leader from his political birth in the Soviet province of Gorky to the height of his career in the Kremlin, and back down to a grassroots protester. The movie portrays Nemtsov as a figure of unparalleled integrity, illuminated by the highest aspirations of mankind, caught between his ideals and the reality of modern Russia.

The Post Reminds Us Why Press is Powerful

Oscar nominations have just been released, and The Post received several well-deserved nominations. On star power alone, this movie was a strong contender for a number of categories. Since the media and government have never been more at odds than they are today, this movie’s release seems very appropriate.