How Feminist Are You Really?




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By Cara Dempsey, Pulp Co-Editor

1) Which statement do you believe in most ardently?

  1. a) Women deserve equal pay!
  2. b) If I were a boy, I think I could understand.
  3. c) Glee went way downhill in the middle of its second season, and Puck got less cute.
  4. d) It's my body, and I'll cry if I want to.


2) Major/ minor?

  1. a) Gender studies/Gender studies. Double--stuffed.
  2. b) Music/Dance with a concentration in booty.
  3. c) Men's studies/women's studies.
  4. d) Physics/computer science.


3) How do you feel about phalluses?

  1. a) They're oppressive.
  2. b) I think Destiny's Child sang about them.
  3. c) I'm a fan of their work.
  4. d) They frighten me.


4) Favorite song on season 1 of Glee?

  1. a) The one with the midnight train going aaaaaanywhere… shit, what is that called?
  2. b) Which season did they do the Beyoncé episode?
  3. c) "Don't Stop Believing"
  4. d) That Journey song.


5) When do you, as a woman, feel most empowered?

  1. a) In any class in the gender studies department.
  2. b) Whenever Beyoncé is on stage shakin' that thang in front of big letters that say FEMINISM. Actually, when she's doing anything.
  3. c) When I hear the final note of Idina Menzel singing "Let It Go."
  4. d) Real talk: I've been a dude this whole time, and the phrasing of your questions is sexist and alienates me.


If you answered mostly A...

You’re such a feminist, Virginia Woolf's ghost possessed the doctor who delivered you on the day you were born just to thank your mother for birthing you.

If you answered mostly B...

You are a Beyonce feminist. Congratulations. Check out Miley Cyrus too. You'll love her work.

If you answered mostly C...

Frozen was only aight. Let it go already.

If you answered mostly D...

I'm sorry that you felt that way, young man. In the future, all personality quizzes published by the Skidmore news will use the non-gendered pronoun, zhe. Is that how it's spelled?


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