Skidmore Quidditch Inducted into NCAA

By Mia Merrill, Sports Editor This Monday, the Skidmore Quidditch Team became a member of the NCAA, according to NCAA officials and Skidmore Athletics staff. “We’re so proud of the team,” said one staff member. “They’ve really accomplished all their goals for their season.” The induction is allegedly due to the recent discovery of many members of the team being able to fly. Apparently their athletic prowess, fierce determination, and lack of time spent for other activities have allowed team members to lift off from the ground. “It’s quite a sight to see,” said one student who witnessed the flight. “They’re literally defying gravity. They’re going to give the Tuftlepuffs a run for their money.” The promotion will not affect the date or schedule of the collegiate Quidditch championships. The Skidmore News would like to send a reporter to the championships, but we unfortunately do not have anyone on staff who is also an insect.

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