The Realities of Form

Hand with Reflecting Sphere, M.C. Escher (1935)  



Woman, bound by beauty- Melt the silver from your wrists, ears, fingers and instead fix intelligence around your neck not as an adornment or justification, but as a symbol of your conscious independence.



The Name Game

Nonchalant on the way to the bathroom he said "we’re all girls here"

He takes his testosterone on Tuesdays; the alliteration seems to fit the occasion.



A Visit to the Plastic Surgeon for Remedios Varo

Ferdinand turned to the kindly creature jacketed by starched white robes, its teeth bleached perfectly to match- with the flourish of his hand, the pleasant golem 
flashed a smile spinning his apocryphal tales of patients that he’d personally rescued from the tattered rags they called a life, how with a gentle shaping of their body he could p-pop a failed relationship back into place, how stunning they could be after a quick crack with a hammer to the bridge of the nose and maybe a little filling of facial cartilage, nothing too violent, no, just enough scraping to shape the jaw bone-

(he mentioned of course that he believed all his clients beautiful, naturally before restoring them to an approximate self)

But Ferdinand wasn’t listening, too busy marveling at his attempt at perfection proffered by those friendly tombstone teeth and offered himself too willingly,
 thinking i will be young forever

Campus Safety Reports Sept. 5-11

New Bikeshare Program