Campus Safety Reports Sept. 5-11

Campus Safety Report Incidents of Note:



  • Saturday, September 6- BIAS INCIDENT/HATE CRIME – At 12:26 AM individual stated he had filed a bias incident report on line regarding a computerized application and would like to file a report with campus safety. Report taken.
  • Monday, September 8- BURGLARY – at 2:20 PM individual reported someone entered her secured office in Dana Science Center over the summer and removed items. Report issued.



Friday, September 5th 2014


  • COLLEGE VIOLATION- At 12:00 AM reported gathering of students outside Sussman. Officers dispatched report of unregistered party with several violations.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION- At 12:07 AM anonymous person reported loud music at Dayton Drive. Dispatched Officers report situation corrected. Residents lowered volume.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION- at 12:38 AM Anonymous person reports a noise complaint for Dayton. Dispatched Officers report loud bass music was turned down at officer’s request
  • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF – 12:58 AM Individual reports broken molecule sculpture in Palamountain by unknown person. Dispatched Officers recorded damage and issued report.
  • LARCENY – At unknown time individual reported tools stolen from unsecured vehicle outside Dana Science Center. Report issued.
  • MOVING VIOLATIONS – At 12:52 AM Officers report male subject driving recklessly the wrong way almost causing a head on collision in Sussman Apartment Complex. Subject warned and ticketed. Report issued.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY – At 3:20 AM Two suspicious males observed exiting the woods by the Chapel. Officers requested identification and the subjects ran. SSPD dispatched. Subjects under arrest warrant.
  • CAMPUS SAFETY ASSIST- At 5:51 PM individual reported an off campus large gathering of students causing a neighborhood disturbance. SCSD advised.
  • LARCENY – at 7:05 PM Individual reports a hubcap from vehicle in Wait Lot was stolen. Report issued.
  • FIRE ALARM- at 7:02 PM Fire alarm activation in Sussman Apartments received. Maintenance, SSFD, and Officers dispatched. Activation due to cooking error. Report issued.
  • FIRE ALARM- at 9:23 PM Fire alarm activation received on Whitman Way. Maintenance, SSFD, and Officers dispatched. Activation due to cooking error. Report issued.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR- at 10:13 PM Officer reported a strong odor of natural gas. Notified SSPD and SSFD. Area shut down due to gas leak. National Grid on scene for repairs. Report issued.


Saturday, September 6th 2014

  • COLLEGE VIOLATION/NOISE- At 1:23 AM individual called to report a noise complaint. Dispatched officers reported speaking with residents who agreed to clear out the apartment. No further issues.
  • AUTO ACCIDENT- At 8:15 AM Sgt. Sullivan discovered grass and dirt on lower driver’s side door. Door appeared to be slightly bent out from frame. Report made.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY- At 9:40 PM Officers report suspicious activity on Perimeter Road. Officers observed three individuals with office furnishings. Report made.


Sunday, September 7 2014

  • CAMPUS SAFETY ASSIST – At 2:17 AM individual requested assistance with removing an unwanted subject from her residence in Sussman Village. Officer provided assistance with no problems reported.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION – At 1:33 AM report of excessive noise on Cane Crossing. Group disbanded upon officers’ arrival.
  • FIRE ALARM – Activation received at 8:46 PM. Officers, maintenance and SSFD dispatched. Activation due to cooking error. Report issued.


Monday, September 8, 2014


  • FALSE PERSONATION- at 9:15 AM individual turned over found identification in Wiecking Hall. ID found to have false information on it. Identification turned into College administrator.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY – at 11:14 AM Officer observed male carrying what looked like a traffic sign. Upon interview male stated he found the sign abandoned. Municipality contacted and sign was reported stolen. Report issued.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR – at 2:45 PM Individual reported the gas line near Colton House on North Broadway was just broken. All officers, SSPD, and Fire Department dispatched. Area evacuated. Problem fixed. No injuries. Report issued.
  • FIRE ALARM – at 7:40 PM Fire alarm received in Sussman Apartments. All officers, maintenance, and SSFD advised. Activation due to burned food. Report issued.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014


  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY – 6:52 AM individual reported two males sitting in car on North Broadway near trails. Officer dispatched. Officer reports GOA.
  • POSSESSION OF STOLEN PROPERTY- at 8:48 am individual requests an officer retrieve balloon stand that was taken from the front entrance of the college. Disp. Officer who reports the balloon stand was located and returned to RP. Report made.
  • CRIMINAL MISCHIEF – 11:58 AM received call stating there is a hole in the wall near the bathroom on the second floor of Jonsson Tower. Officer dispatched. Report made.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION/NOISE- at 12:27 PM individual reports loud music coming from McClellan dorm room. Dispatched Officer reports he is unable to hear any loud music in this area. Case unfounded.
  • FIRE ALARM – at 1:10 PM Fire Alarm reported on Moore Way. Dispatched Maintenance, Officers and notified SSFD. Officers report alarm caused by steam from shower.


Wednesday, September 10th 2014


  • DATING VIOLENCE – at 12:58 PM individual reports incident that occurred on Campus about 3 years ago. Report made.
  • SKATEBOARDING ON CAMPUS – Report of subject skateboarding on hill by Perimeter Road. Officer dispatched.
  • ACCIDENT /OTHER- at 8:37 PM individual reports a truck off in a ditch on North Broadway. Dispatched officers who state that the driver has requested a tow truck. Notified Matt’s. Officers report no damage to vehicle and no damage to college property.
  • SUSPICIOUS ODOR – at 9:31 PM report of a suspicious odor in Kimball Hall. Officer dispatched.
  • LARCENY FROM BUILDINGS – at 6:20 PM individual in office to file report of a missing speaker. Report taken.
  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY – 10:23 PM individual called to report males with alcohol. Dispatched officer who checked the area to no avail; subjects GOA.
  • FIRE ALARM – at 11:20 PM activation received. Dispatched Officers, Maintenance and notified SSFD. Officers’ report burnt food. SSFD advised.


Thursday, September 11 2014


  • SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY – 1:33 AM received a call about two males sleeping on the second floor of Case Center by the elevator. A cab was called for the two non-community members. Report made.
  • PROPERTY DAMAGE AUTO ACCIDENT – at 3:18 PM received request for an Officer to take a report of a property damage accident that occurred in North Hall a day earlier. Dispatched officer. Report made.
  • LARCENY FROM BUILDINGS – at 4:15 PM received report of a bicycle stolen from Kimball Basement.
  • COLLEGE VIOLATION-NOISE – at 11:00 PM report of a noise complain on Dayton Drive. Dispatched Officers reported speaking with residents.

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