Skidmore College to Get Rid of Podium Equipment in Classrooms

Posted by Daniel Graugnard

This article was written for April Fools and the events described in it did not actually take place

Say good bye to all of the menacing electronic equipment installed in classrooms. The College has finally recognized that the podiums are too much of a hassle during hours of operation, and many professors have no idea how to begin with any of it.

The podiums and computers inside classrooms have been the bane of existence for many professors and students alike. Class time comes to a huge pause when anyone attempts to solve the laborious puzzle of trying to play a DVD from the podiums. You're in bigger trouble if the podium has no DVD player, which means it must be played from the computer or worse, the VCR.

Media Services gets many calls about computers and podiums not working or unresponsive. Hours a day are spent trying to figure out Java, media player, or internet explorer. The College said "screw it" and plans on getting rid of all the equipment by Fall 2014.

The action will eventually save us all the time, effort, energy, and patience, bringing the end of the technological nightmare. No more spending hours trying to play films in language classes. No more students crying over presentations that went to hell when Powerpoint decided not open a file. Clearly, the solution is to just get rid of it all.

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