Get ready to do your home-twerk

Posted by Rebecca Shesser

Following on the heels of the Skidmore sociology course titled "The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender, and Media" which made national news this week, the professors of the Skidmore dance department have announced their intentions to offer a Miley-themed class of their own. Twerking 101 will be "an integrated study of the techniques, themes, physics, and practices of twerking," and will be offered this upcoming fall as a dance 2-credit elective.

An anonymous dance department representative expressed sheer joy stemming from the realization that such a class is finally making its way into Skidmore's curriculum; "Twerking has always been such an integral style of dance - the fact that Skidmore has yet to offer such an informative and useful course is just absolutely beyond me."

Dance majors around campus are also expressing their support of the dance department's decision to make a course available to their students.

"I'm really excited about the course - I think having such a course on my transcript will make me an incredibly attractive and well-rounded applicant when it comes to applying and auditioning for companies or graduate programs in the future."

Even non-dance majors are getting hyped for the 2-credit course. Economics major Wren K. Ball '15 said of the course, "I dropped an economics elective in order to make room for Twerking 101 in my schedule - I really just want to stop embarrassing myself and start attracting some attention at Club Mine, you know?"

Even some of the professors are hopping on the Twerking 101 bandwagon. An unnamed English professor was seen researching how to audit classes with the Twerking 101 description open in multiple browser tabs. When approached for comment, she responded cryptically, "that Robin Thicke guy is newly single, right?"

Anticipating similar media attention as the sociology summer course, the dance department stands by its decision to offer the course noting, "We're trying to offer our students the best educational experience in order to enrich their knowledge here at Skidmore and if some hoity-toity anchor at Fox News thinks that's wrong, then we certainly do not want to be right."  

This article was written for April Fools Day. The events described within it did not actually take place.

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