First-Year Dictionary: How to communicate effectively with your peers

Posted by Julia Martin

The first couple of weeks of college can be hard. Here's an easy-to-use guide for first-year students that will help you overcome any communication problems you may be having with your peers, professors or family.

Your new roommate: Hey, no problem! I'm happy to take the top bunk!

Translation: Starting today I will begin to develop a fiery resentment towards you that will stay tightly bottled up inside of me until the day I pee in your Gatorade.

Your mother/father: Are you settled in ok?

Translation: I believe you are entirely incapable of eating, sleeping or functioning as a successful, independent human being. Also we turned your room into a gym and gave away a lot of your things.

The guy/girl down your hall: Are you guys trying to get drunk tonight?

Translation: Do you have any alcohol with which I can get drunk tonight?

Campus Safety Officer: Having knowledge of the fire safety practices is absolutely crucial.

Translation: It is virtually incomprehensible how or why it is so difficult for a group of people to successfully microwave a bag of popcorn.

Your suitemate: Gross, I think someone peed in the shower.

Translation: I peed in the shower and will continue to do so.

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