"Ghosts," A Poem

"Ghosts," A Poem

I hear her heart inside her chest

the pounding getting stronger

she moves with grace, pride and yet

the air is getting thicker.

She cannot breathe,

a river flows inside her lungs

eyes growing wider.

Absorbing every piece of light,

before the world gets darker.

She’s lifted from the metal bed

draped in fuzzy towels,

now water streaming from our eyes

as hers are filled with shadows.

Through all the highs and lows

the memories will remain

of her support and acceptance

when others walked away.

She helped me through the hardest times

when walls were falling down

through all the shouting and misunderstandings

she always wore the crown.

Now my queen is in the sky

soaring like an eagle,

following me as I drive

along the rushing river.

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Next up at Bat: The Versatile, Megan White

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