"The Plotless Nightmare," A Poem

"The Plotless Nightmare," A Poem

It’s a feeling too great to feel.

It’s a dialogue too loud to hear.

It’s a dream too nimble to see.

Only the sound of my heartbeat

beating against the nightmares—

chasing me and haunting me.

The nightmare predator instills

fear into my night and finds

and reveals my deepest, most hidden fears.

There’s no revelation; it’s plotless yet

my mind plots against me with nightmare

as her apprentice and partner in crime.  

The mind palace reigned by queens and kings becomes imprisoned,

turning into a hallowing dungeon without sound.

Except the sound of suspense building

inside the cave holding the most treasured gem—

The heart

with it’s continuous beat gradually quickening.

Beat, beat, beat.

The absence of ghosts, demons, and Death

Invites for something more chilling to enter into the realm of nightmares.

Something that robs speech and sight away and replaces it with horror and silence

It’s a nightmare too frightening to tell.

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