Drunk Girl Drops Doughboy; Foul Play Suspected

Campus Safety and Saratoga County police are looking into an incident that occurred at approximately 1:30 am on Sunday morning in which a Skidmore student reported purchasing a doughboy from Esperantos only to have it slapped from her hand seconds later. Several witnesses report seeing the doughboy on the floor, but were unable to say with certainty whether or not it had been slapped from the student's hand.

The student, who has chosen not to release her name while the investigation is ongoing, claims that she was first "elbowed" from behind before "some bitch" totally "knocked the doughboy out of my hand, like, on purpose".

"She's always so responsible," one friend commented at the scene on Sunday. "Plus, she loves doughboys.  She wouldn't have just flopped it. Ha! Flopped! I meant dropped."

This is receiving substantial attention from school officials after a string of similar incidents in which drunk students have dropped things and then become upset. The Skidmore News will be continuing coverage of the investigation.

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