What kind of Partier are you?

What kind of Partier are you?

By: Nicole Smith, 16'

Have you ever been to a party or social gathering and wondered what you are like? Take this quiz to find out!


1. How many nights do you go out a week?

A.     I only go out if someone else makes me.

B.     Two or three nights.

C.     Seven. That’s normal right?


2. When you go out, how many drinks do you have?

A.     Usually just a beer or a glass of wine.

B.     Somewhere between three and six--it depends on how crazy I want to get.

C.     I don’t even feel it until I’m on shot number nine.


3. When you arrive at a party, what is the first thing you do?

A.     Stand in the corner and wait awkwardly until someone says else says hi.

B.     Find a group of my friends and start talking to them.

C.     Take a swig from my flask and head straight for the pong table.


4. How would your friends describe your party behavior?

A.     They would probably say I’m too quiet and need to loosen up.

B.     They think I’m super fun, especially when I start dancing on the tables.

C.     I’m not sure. I remember nothing.


5. It’s January 29th, what are you wearing?

A.     Sweatpants. Is there any other reasonable option?

B.     Probably some cute jeans and a winter jacket.

C.     Just a tube dress; the booze will keep me warm.


6. What is your drink of choice?

A.     Tea.

B.     Raspberry-Lemonade Svedka.

C.     Anything with an alcohol content above 40%.


Mostly A’s


If you answered mostly A’s, your idea of a perfect weekend probably consists of a lot of Hot Chocolate and Netflix. Everyone wants to sit on the couch in their sweats and binge-watch episodes of Louie every once and a while, but you should listen to your friends when they tell you to loosen up. You need to get out more and let yourself go!


Mostly B’s


If you answered mostly B’s, then congratulations! You are a pretty average college student. You go out most weekend nights and you know how to have fun in moderation. You seem to strike a good balance between socializing and getting shit done.


Mostly C’s


If you answered mostly C’s…I hate to say it, but you are probably an alcoholic and might need some help. It will be hard at first, but you need to cut back on the drinking. Your friends are sick of holding your hair while you puke your brains out in the bathroom every week. Maybe find someone who answered mostly A’s and hang out with them for a night. 

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