Falstaff's Might Start to be Open During the Day

The inside of Falstaff's.  Photo from the Falstaff's Operating Committee Facebook page.      By Noa Maltzman ’18, News Editor

Falstaff’s is currently one location on campus that has relatively no student use during the day. There is a chance though that by the end of the semester that this will change. “At the moment, Falstaff's gets almost no daytime use, so we would love to open it up so that all students can get some utility out of the space that is supposed to belong to them and that they are all paying to maintain,” said Kyle Salzman ’15 Falstaff’s Operating Committee (FOC) Chair.

The members of FOC are currently working at exploring some possible ways at making it possible to keep Falstaff’s open during the day. “One thing that is in the works is adding a card swipe to the front door to make it easier for students to access the space,” said Salzman. Currently the only way to unlock Falstaff’s is to call campus safety and ask them to come unlock it.

The committee is looking into creating some sort of Falstaff’s supervisor, a student employment position. This person would simply hang out in Falstaff’s all day. This position would be needed in order to have Falstaff’s open during the day because “we can't simply open up the space without this sort of supervision, as we have already had some problems with vandalism in the space,” said Salzman.

Ideally a pilot program testing daytime hours for Falstaff’s will be started by the end of the semester.

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