SGA Elections: Who’s Running for What

Photo by Noa Maltzman ’18, News Editor By Noa Maltzman ’18, News Editor

Today, April 2, at 12:00 AM, voting opened for many of next year’s Student Government Association (SGA) positions. The open positions include all spots on SGA Executive Committee, Inter-Class Council, and class senators. In this election there are 29 students running.

Posters are being hung, and candidates are making sure the rest of the student body knows their platform, but many students are still wondering who exactly is running for each position. With this in mind here is an official list of everyone running:

Executive Committee Candidates

President: Charles Tetelman ’16

Executive Vice President: Orr Genish ’17

Vice President for Student Life: Charlotte Morse ’17

Vice President for Academic Affairs: Megan Schachter ’17

Vice President for Financial Affairs: Julia Elstein ’17 and Julian Finnegan ’18

Vice President for Inclusion and Outreach: Dorothy Parsons ’17 and Ricky Rios ’ 18

Vice President for Programs and Engagement: Renato Dornelas ’ 18

Vice President for Club Affairs: Luca Mobilia ’ 17


Senior Class Council

President: Miles Calzini ’ 16

Vice President: Cindy Lan ’ 16

Financial Officer: Ramsey Daniels ’ 16


Junior Class Council

President: Madison Plummer ’ 17

Marketing Officer: Bernice Langyintuo ’ 17


Sophomore Class Council

President: James Galardi ’18, Sara Jog ’18, and Rachael Thomeer ’18

Vice President: Nosheen Hotaki ’18 and Tayloer Salvatore ’18

Marketing Officer: Alison Ungaro ’ 18

Financial Officer: Hannah Miller ’18

Sophomore Unity Officer: Morgan Chanon-Smith ’18 and Olivia Golden ’ 18

Sophomore Events Officer: Leah Schwaikert ’ 18

Senator: Denise Alacrcon ’18, Woeser Dolma ’18 and Tayler Salvatore ’18.


Other Positions

Speaker Bureau Chair: Elizabeth Reisen ’ 16


Remember that today is voting day, and it is not to late for you to go and vote for who you want to represent you next year.

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