Cabaret Troupe's Upcoming Show, Urinetown

cab troupe pic By Blair Warren, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Skidmore’s Cabaret Troupe has been filling up this year’s calendar with a variety of performances, showcasing a plethora of impressive talents. A member of the Cabaret Troupe expressed her appreciation for the club for how it draws all kinds of performers, from theater majors to first-time actors alike, giving them the space to discover their own talents while being a part of something.

Earlier this semester, the club decided to try something new, creating the musical, “Topsy Turvy.” This was not a preexisting musical, but rather consisted of a set of songs from various shows that they thought fit well together. The idea was to take a group of actors, who were often “typecast” (always playing the same sorts of roles), and pushing them in a completely different direction. Age and gender were thrown out the window in this show, presenting something completely unexpected and excitingly entertaining to its audience.

The Cabaret Troupe’s main performance this semester is “Urinetown,” a political satire musical. The title of the show in itself is provocative and intriguing, and frankly a little disturbing, but so is contemporary capitalism. The club has been working hard this past semester to present something to Skidmore’s community that is both meaningful and gets people talking while also providing some comic relief. It is directed by Callum Lane ’17 and goes up this weekend, April 2-4, at 7 p.m. each day, in Filene Hall. All shows are free are open to the public!

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