The Best of Yik-Yak

DSC_0304 (1)By: Nicole Smith, 16', Pulp Editor

“I’m great in bed…. I can sleep for hours.”

“About to take a blow dyer onto the green and melt the snow myself since nature wants to take its damn time.”

“You think I’d be in better shape after all this time spent running away from my obligations.”

“Trying not to break out in hysterical laughter as someone right next to me lights up the stall.”

“Told a professor on Monday that I was sick and couldn’t come to our meeting, but really I was just unprepared. Saw her today and she said I still look under the weather. I thought I looked good today.”

“Nothing like drooling over a photo of a guy until you realize that he is actually young Stalin. You know, before the murderous dictatorship.”

“It’s the kind of day where I put on eyeliner but forgot mascara.”

“She must be a 14 on the pH scale, cause she’s basic as fuck.”

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