Student Athlete Profile: Tyler Phillips '17

  Tyler Phillips '17

By Mia Merrill, Sports Editor


Q: Where are you from?

A: Marblehead, Massachusetts

Q: What is your major? What do you plan to do after Skidmore?

A: I'm a studio art major and a business minor. I want to get into advertising after I graduate.

Q: What position do you play? When did you start playing?

A: I play midfield (attacking and defense) and center (taking draws). I first picked up a stick in 6th grade, but didn't start getting serious about the sport until high school.

Q: Why do you love lacrosse?

A: I love lacrosse because it's such a high-paced game. I also love being a part of a team and being able to share the season with such a great group of girls.

Q: How are you preparing for your upcoming season? Do you feel good about the prospects?

A: This year, in our preseason and in-season, we've been working with our new strength and conditioning coach, Matt Chatham. Because of this, the team has become so much stronger and faster. We also practice every day of the week, aside from Sundays. Our team is extremely dedicated, and can also be found working out or playing wall-ball outside of practice. We have all grown together as a team, and since we only lost one senior last year, our team dynamic has only become stronger. I think we're going to have a very successful season.

Q: How does your team bond with their new members?

A: We bonded right away with our new team members by simply including them in anything we do. For me, it was important to bond with them and make them feel like they had a group of friends right off the bat. Having good chemistry outside of lacrosse translates to the field and makes for a great playing environment. We also love playing cards against humanity...

Q: What is one thing you want the student body to know about the lacrosse team?

A: Our record last year doesn't show our team’s true ability. We held our own against top 10 teams, and lost many games by only one goal. We are also a much stronger team this year. Also, we love fans!

Q: What is a favorite memory you have from being on the team? What has been your greatest accomplishment?

A: My favorite memory of being on the team so far was our spring break trip to Florida last year. It was so much fun to be in a beautiful place with friends, and to be able to bond and just enjoy ourselves. My greatest accomplishment was personally winning Liberty League rookie of the year and All-Region second team. But in regards to the team, our greatest accomplishment was losing to RPI, the best team in our conference, by only one goal last season, then beating them by more than 6 goals in our play-day this fall.

Q: Do you have any advice for students who are thinking about joining a team but are worried about balancing schoolwork and athletics?

A: Personally, playing a sport helps me manage my time better. With a set schedule, it is easier to plan out your class and homework schedule. Also, taking the two hours out of the day to practice is actually a great stress reliever. I would encourage everyone who is thinking of playing a sport to at least give it a try!

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