Campus Safety Reports Feb. 20 - Feb. 26

Campus-Safety-ReportFriday Feb. 20 Drug Law Violation at Moore Way 9:07 PM: Officers report a drug law violation.

Suspicious Odor McClellan 10:46 PM: Officer reports a drug and alcohol violation.

Saturday Feb. 21

College Violation Dayton Drive 1:28 AM: RP reports noise complaint. Dispatched officers. Occupants agreed to lower music.

Suspicious Odor Jonsson Tower 9:17 PM: RP reports a suspicious odor outside the basement. Officer dispatched. Unfounded – no odor present upon their arrival.

College Violation Moore Way 11:37 PM: RP reports a loud party. Disp. Officers who report locating two apartments with loud music. Both were asked to lower the volumes and both complied without further incident.

Sunday Feb. 22

Criminal Mischief Kimball Hall: 12:27am - Officer discovered the vending machine in the first floor lobby had been tipped over or rocked as the items were dislodged from their holders. Photo taken. No known witnesses at this time.

Criminal Mischief McClellan Hall 2:21am - RP states residents just woke her up stating a loud group of males put a very large hole in the hallway wall. No known suspects and no descriptions available. Advised Officers.

Criminal Mischief McClellan Hall 2:36am - RP contacted Campus Safety stating he just observed a male punch a hole in the wall on the 2nd floor. Disp. Officers.

Suspicious Activity Perimeter Road 2:22am - RP observed a male walking in the middle of the Perimeter Road, staggering and feels that he may get hurt. Disp. Officer who conducted a search of the area as well as Clinton Street to no avail. Subject apparently GOA at this time.

Criminal Mischief Wiecking Hall 11:56am: RP reports broken light bulb and cover. Officer dispatched. Advised Housekeeping and Maintenance as well for clean-up and repairs.

Fire Alarm Sussman Apartments 6:15pm: Fire alarm sounded on the DMP Computer for Sussman B. Disp. Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD. Resident called stating the alarm is due to them cooking and there is no problem.

Suspicious Odor Jonsson Tower11:36pm: RP called stating there is an odor of marijuana on the second floor. Disp. Officer who reports unable to locate any source of the odor at this time.

Monday Feb. 23

Fire Alarm Sussman Apartments 6:33 PM: Fire alarm activation received. Disp. Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD.

Suspicious Odor Campus Wide 9:00 PM: RP called to report problematic emails that are being sent to the class of 2015 list. Disp. officer.

Fire Alarm Sussman Apartments 10:38 PM: Fire alarm activation received. Disp. Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD. Officers report alarm due to cooking.

Suspicious Odor McClellan Hall 11:21 PM: Suspicious odor report received. Disp. Officers.

College Violation Penfield Hall 10:47 PM: RP called to report a noise complaint. Disp. Officers reported upon arrival found a person in the area reading. No further problems at this time.

Tuesday Feb. 24

Accident Wilmarth Hall 3:30 pm. RP reports a window was broken accidentally. Disp. Officer.

Wednesday Feb. 25

College Violation Wait Hall 1:10 AM: RP stated loud noise. Officer dispatched.

Criminal Mischief McClellan Hall 7:49AM: RP reports a hole in the wall in the stairwell. Officer dispatched and took photos. Canvassed area for witnesses or perpetrators with negative results.

Fire Alarm Sussman Apartments 1:29PM: Received a fire alarm. Dispatched Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD. Source found to be cooking.

Fire Alarm Sussman Apartments 3:46 pm Received a Fire Alarm. Dispatched Officers, Maintenance and advised SSFD. Resident reports cooking was the cause of the alarm. Advised Officers, Maintenance and SSFD.

Thursday Feb. 26

Suspicious Odor Jonsson Tower 4:50 PM: RP reports suspicious odor in north stairwell. RP cannot locate source. Disp. Officer who could not locate source.

Suspicious Odor Wait Hall 10:31 PM RP reports a suspicious odor. Disp. Officers.

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