"Avoid Compulsively Making Things Worse"

He works the daylight hours.The artist mends rifts in

trend in an attempt to render a better make than the current model

and wishes cynicism were only temporary. Still

he scans, canvas dripping a face from the crowd

now left to the imagination, eyes unrealized as he lifts his head

from the surface of oil fingers saturated

but with a nod, consciousness intent to drop other thoughts his

way like hindsight bombs foresight anxieties

send him another taken way his mind, diverted, forgets

the shape and color of the eyes in recall as he moves forward,

faster, sitting shivering in the breeze of scrutiny,

mutinously studious and reduced to the pursuit of serenity though

painting an unstoppable slave to happiness

with a bowl of rice and beans set by the easel, its easy to

see why the pictures have been painting themselves

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