Zankel hosts The Music of Indonesia

Posted by Kelsea Schimmel

Traditional Indonesian music, Gamelan, consists of a variety of percussion and other instruments including xylophones, drums, gongs and wooden stringed instruments.  Gamelan music is played in a variety of settings and occasions and can be associated with social events that mark a transition in an individual's life.  It may also be performed with puppet theater, an art form highly valued by Indonesians.  Today, Gamelan is an important aspect of shows, dances, rituals, and other performances in Indonesia.

On Thursday, March 20, Zankel hosted "The Music of Indonesia."  "The Music of Indonesia" featured special guest I Made Lasmawan, a Balinese drummer and composer.  Under the guidance of I Made Lasmawan, the performance comprised music from the Indonesian islands of Bali and Java.  The performance was a great success as both the performers and the audience members celebrated and took in the traditional Indonesian music.  If you were unable to attend the performance, it is available to watch on Zankel's live stream. 

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