Thoroughbred basketball star to enter NBA draft?: April Fools Edition

Posted by Andrew Shi

At 6-4, he would by no means be a towering figure in the NBA, but his naturally athletic abilities and superb understanding of fundamentals has led senior Mike Pannozzi to be invited to visit several NBA teams including the New York Knicks, Charlotte Bobcats and Phoenix Suns.

In this past season, Mike Pannozzi averaged a double-double, leading his team with 15 points and 13 rebounds per game. He led the league with an average 6.2 blocks per game, and  averaged five assists and three steals. From the field he shot 56% and hit 43% of shots beyond the arc. He also shot 92% from the free throw.

"Mr. Pannozzi has demonstrated himself to be a dangerous sharpshooter, but what he really brings to the table is a defensive prowess. An average of 13 rebounds and 6.2 blocks will translate very well into the NBA," said a representative from the Phoenix front office.

"He's the kind of player we'd like to see on our team as we rebuild."

"I've spoken to several teams; I think they wanted to gauge my possible interest in their teams," Pannozzi said. "To be honest, I haven't even decided whether or not to join this year's draft."

But that doesn't mean agents and teams aren't giving him a push. "Why wouldn't you want to play for the NBA. You get to do something you love and make millions doing it, and a player like Pannozzi will certainly be making millions," said Derek Fagan, a prominent NBA agent who recently spoke to Pannozzi.

Pannozzi, who's an education and dance major, doesn't share this dream that so many other young men do. "I've always wanted to teach. I always assumed that after graduation, I would take up a job at an elementary school teaching third graders  their basic multiplication tables."

When asked about the rumors that he would likely be a first round pick, and could possibly be a top ten pick, Pannozzi said, "There's a lot of good players and it's an honor that I'm considered in such a high regard, but I'm just not sure if the NBA is for me."

"When I make my decision, the Skidmore Community will be the first to know," Pannozzi affirmed.

Mike Pannozzi led his team to the Skidmore intramural championships, where they won by fifteen. Pannozzi was awarded MVP.

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