The Thoroughbreds welcome Patrick Hart as the new men's lacrosse coach

Posted by Maggie Sweeney

Patrick Hart, the new head coach of the men's lacrosse team, graduated as a student-athlete from College of the Holy Cross in 2005, and spent two years as an assistant coach there. He then spent the next few years as the assistant coach at Amherst College. Now, the men's lacrosse team is in the process of hiring an assistant coach who can help Coach Hart lead the new team down a successful path. I spoke with Hart about his expectations and excitement for this coming season at Skidmore.

MS: Why did you choose to come and coach at Skidmore?
PH: I love Saratoga Springs, and I am excited for the competition level that my players will experience.

MS: What do you plan to carry from your experience as a player into your coaching career?
PH: I always responded very well to honesty as a player. I enjoyed being able to take constructive criticism and help shape my playing abilities through the advice that I receive from my coaches.

MS: What expectations do you have for your team this year?
PH: I hope to see them go as far as possible. I am also adamant about having the upperclassmen help out the freshman in every way possible, on and off of the field. I believe team unity and understanding is crucial to help the players communicate with one another.

MS: As a coach, how will you make sure your students are on top of their work?
PH: We have a great deal of academic advising for students who are struggling with work. I also want them to know that academics always come first, and they should feel comfortable with speaking to me if they have a conflict.

MS: Have you already planned out your offensive/defensive philosophy?
PH: Yes, my defensive plan is actually something I used when coaching at Amherst. It consists of a team-based play that focuses mainly on sliding and recovering. My plan for the offensive end is to have quick transitions and fluent stick skills.

MS: Is there anything that you are especially nervous or excited for with your new team?
PH: I have actually yet to see them play together as a team, so I am really looking forward to our first fall ball practice. I am not so nervous as much as I am excited for the competition level and my future relationship with each player.

MS: After being an assistant coach yourself, how do you plan to use your future assistant to the team's advantage?
PH: That will of course depend on the assistant coach's expertise, which are [sic] currently unknown. He will also play a big role in the recruiting process for next year, which involved traveling to tournaments and reaching out to student athletes. I also plan to have him help with our players' strength training in the weight room.

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