Sound and Green Advice

Posted by Julia Martin

Skidmore recently got ranked as the #1 reefer madness school in the Princeton Review. Here are some tips from a Skidmore Student-so you know it's the good stuff.

1) A lot of people prefer to smoke in the woods-can you say FLAMMABLE??? You could start a damned forest fire. Your best bet is to use marijuana in wide, open spaces, preferably near authorities in case any of your friends burn their tongue.

2) DO put yourself in new, intimidating social situations after smoking weeds. The drug will help you stay calm, and give you the extra energetic boost and mental clarity to form new, lasting relationships.

3) DON'T forget to hydrate while you're blazing on that sticky green goo-there's no excuse when the bong water is right there!

4) DO attend class with blood-shot eyes. The professor will automatically assume you stayed up all night doing your essay, and your classmates will think you're cool and respect you.

5) DON'T inhale cannibus. You'll cough!

6) DO choose your supplier carefully. Definitely ask for recommendations and look up yelp reviews before a purchase. Be an informed consumer-and always ask for a receipt!

7) DON'T keep buying in small amounts. Think of it like CostCo! Buy in bulk!

8) Finally, my favorite all-time foods when I've got the munchies: leafy greens and light soups.

Enjoy! One love (POT).

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