Skidmore to offer "Why Creative Thought Matters" class in upcoming semester: April Fools Edition

Posted by Alex Mintz

Skidmore College's motto "Creative Thought Matters," or "C.T.M.," is well known by the student body on campus. Often uttered before committing questionable actions during questionable hours of the weekends, "C.T.M." has become something of a go-to phrase for students about to engage in "out-of-the-box" activities. Skidmore College has ideas on how to change the meaning of "C.T.M."

The College plans to offer and perhaps eventually require a class called "Why Creative Thought Matters." This class will be geared toward guiding students into understanding exactly what creative thought is and what it is not. After identifying creative and uncreative thinking, students will begin discussing why and how creative thought is used, and how it can't be used.

Dr. Prudence Day III, Associate Professor of Philosophy, will be teaching the class. "I hope that students will learn the right guidelines for creative thinking -- where they can or can't gain inspiration and what they should never think." Dr. Day's edgy curriculum on creative thought is currently being approved by the board of directors.

Butch Ray-Nathan '15 expressed his excitement for the class. "Too many people leave C.T.M. up for grabs. It's tossed around like hot potato, and the freshmen get confused. It will be good to set up clear guidelines so we don't have to face the confusion."

Isaac Goldstein '14 also expressed his interest. "I'm glad to see some guidance and order will be given to the upcoming underclassmen. Some of their crazy so-called 'creative' ideas were beginning to look like a threat to good, well-established and tested creative ideas."

However, the new course offering has already seen a bit of controversy. Rachel Meadow '14 commented, "What?! Are you serious? Is this a joke?" Another student said, "This is the stupidest... I can't. Words don't describe my outrage."

Even some student clubs are joining the opposition. The Orwellian Club plans to hold a "Creative Thought Police Protest" on Apr. 4 at 1 p.m. When asked for details about the protest and his opinion on the latest addition to the curriculum, Club president Stewie MacFarland '13 merely replied, "Ignorance is strength."

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