Skidmore students definitely understand the rules of polo: April Fools Edition

Posted by Julia Martin

Skidmore students are noticeably riled up about the upcoming Polo match this weekend. The Skidmore News spoke to a few students who were particularly enthusiastic about the sport. Our investigation showed that not only do students have a firm grasp on the concept of the sport, but also have great personal interest in the Skidmore Polo Team:

"Is that the one where you can't let the balloon touch the ground?"- Jacob '15

"My grandma plays that every Saturday with her old friends." -Christina '14

"What I don't understand is how the horses jump through those hoops. The horses are so big and those hoops are so small!" -Mark '12

"Horses smell weird, (laughter) am I right?!" -Amy '16

"I buy all my khakis there." -Ted '13

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