Satirical parodies: 'The Horse's Tale'

Posted by Julia Leef

At Skidmore, there are many opportunities to become involved in writing and distributing news on campus whether through a club or organization or through your own personal efforts. The latest expression of this creative freedom is the release of a new periodical entitled "The Horse's Tale."

"The Horse's Tale" is a one page copy of "Skidmore's Most Professional Periodical" that reports events concerning the college infused with satirical twists. The first issue, released on Oct. 7, contains two "excerpts" from stories that presumably would be continued in the rest of the paper if there were more to read than just the front cover.

The first story is an "interview" with President Glotzbach concerning an upcoming book of his. The "interview" describes the book as a fantasy novel about wizards in space.

The second fictitious report describes continued taxicab rides specifically for intoxicated girls, complimentary of Ralph's Cab.

The last bit of text lists several more articles that would be found in the nonexistent additional pages.

According to the anonymous editor-in-chief of "The Horse's Tale," creating this periodical stemmed from a desire to bring comedy onto the Skidmore campus, as well as to provide an entertaining alternative to the regular college newspaper.

"The stories are based on real Skidmore happenings integrated with a humorous point of view…. It's just like Jon Stewart, but irrelevant," the editor said.

Although there has only been one issue so far, "The Horse's Tale" plans to continue to release new satirical reports about once or twice a month. The editor said he or she hopes these newsletters will continue to bring humor into college life that is rife with stress and academic strain, cheering students and allowing them to relax and laugh over these delightful stories.

"The thinking is that no one likes to read…. It's something to pick up, chuckle at, tell your friends about and then forget until the next one," the editor said.

A quick look at revealed that "The Horse's Tale" was received warmly by students, and may continue to be as future issues are released.

"The Horse's Tale" can be found in various locations on campus, including Case Center.

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