Restaurant Review: Comfort Kitchen

Posted by Tegan O'Neill

There really is something comforting about Comfort Kitchen. The menu is easy to read and easy to choose from, the staff is friendly, and the food coming out of the kitchen is characterized by an unpretentious goodness that makes eating there all around agreeable. Besides, what is not to love about the checkered floors?

Comfort Kitchen can be found nestled underneath stores with twinkling lights in Saratoga Marketplace. Its decor pays tribute to retro fast food joints while still managing to achieve a 21st century hipster appeal. The menu board at the cash register makes paper menus an unnecessary part of the ordering equation, but also makes the experience feel fast-foody. Likewise, the time between point A: placing order, and point B: eating order, is on par with the fast food empire. It's enough to make you think maybe the fast food model isn't so bad after all.

? But then, you bite into a juicy truffle burger and you see why Comfort Kitchen is playing in a different league than fast food. The black and white checkered paper lining the plastic wicker basket deceives the eyes. This might be the best burger you have had in a while. It is a landmine of truffle bombs. There can be no telling where the lines are between the beef and the Gruyere and the truffle aioli. The three bleed together in one decadently rich vein. The burger's bun does not get in the way it just serves to pave the way for burger glory.

? In comparison, the chicken taco and the carnitas seem staunchly uptight all wrapped up in their corn tortillas. The contrast in taste feels like we were vacationing in Las Vegas with the truffle burger and on our way back, our plane crashed in a decidedly less flashy place. Both the taco and the carnita are blandly rule abiding; the chicken taco has all that you would expect of a chicken taco--you'll find your chicken, your avocado, your red onion, and your cilantro. Likewise, the carnita has all the necessities: slow roasted pork, cabbage slaw,

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