Plum Dandy is fine and dandy

Posted by Madeline Frank

Plum Dandy has joined Uncommon Grounds and Mrs. London's as one of the many beloved destinations in downtown Saratoga Springs. As a new frozen yogurt shop on Broadway, Plum Dandy has quickly become popular among Skidmore students.

Eight different flavors of frozen yogurt reside against the back wall. It is entirely self-serve. Customers are given a generously sized cup and can try a single flavor or even mix all eight options together.

Along with the classic flavors such as vanilla and chocolate, the management rotates through other delicious choices to ensure that there are new flavors to try each week. The euro-tart has become very popular and has earned a permanent spot at Plum Dandy. Because of its tart taste, it is perfect to mix with some of the fruity sorbets.

Amanda Werner '11 said, "My favorite mix is the euro tart topped with various berries from the topping bar."

Unique flavors like green tea and coconut make occasional guest appearances while favorites such as cake batter, red velvet cake and peanut butter rotate more regularly.

After you mix and match the flavors into an impeccable blend, you move onto the topping station.

At first, this counter seems overwhelming as you try to read all of the small labels to distinguish the different choices.

There are two main routes: the nutritious path that consists of fruits, nuts, cereal and granola, and the sugary direction containing cookie dough, brownie bites and chocolate chips.

You can also have a blast from the past and elect to add Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Puffs cereal.

There are also some obscure choices such as mochi and green tea jellies. Either way, you cannot go wrong.

"My favorite part about Plum Dandy is the large assortment of toppings," Megan Merritt '11 said.

However, if you are not feeling inventive, you can make one of the pre-designed sundaes.

Plum Dandy holds contests where customers can submit a favorite sundae that they have created. The winner receives a $25 gift certificate and Plum Dandy employees place the top three recipes around the store.

Next, take one step to your left and lay your full cup on the scale in front of the cash register. Plum Dandy charges 55¢ per ounce, so the amount of money you spend is in your own hands.

Skidmore students can use their SkidCards to purchase their frozen yogurt. You can also purchase a Plum Dandy card, and if you spend more than $5 five times, Plum Dandy gives you $5 to spend on your next purchase.

Not in the mood for frozen yogurt or sorbet? No problem. Plum Dandy also offers bubble tea, fruit smoothies, iced tea and juice drinks.

Bubble teas are inspired by the Asian milk teas. They come in various flavors and have balls of tapioca on the bottom of the cup.

There is an extensive smoothie, tea and juice menu as well.

Along with creating an enjoyable product, Plum Dandy focuses on customers' health and carefully chooses what ingredients to put in the frozen yogurt.

All of the yogurt flavors are low fat, low calorie, low sodium and low cholesterol.

Everything is kosher and gluten free. These features make Plum Dandy a tasty and guilt-free indulgence.

The fro-yo is, indeed, scrumptious, but the entire store also creates a pleasant environment. Upon entering Plum Dandy, a sweet, fruity smell bombards your nose, making your mouth water.

The purple, plastic chairs brighten the room and give it a futuristic feel. A Beatles soundtrack creates an air of nostalgia for the customers. Merritt added that the staff is incredibly friendly, often recognizing frequent customers.

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