Failing pizza shop owner locates ideal pizza at Skidmore College : April Fools Edition

Posted by Lisa Fierstein

Steve Lorenzo, a local New York City pizza shop owner is looking to revamp his failing pizza business named Scoiattolo's Pizzeria.

His aim was to locate the perfect pizza by sampling pizzas at various college dining halls in the state of New York. Last week, Lorenzo stepped foot into Skidmore's acclaimed Murray-Aikins Dining Hall with his taste buds ready to find the best pizza for his shop.

Seven sizzling pizzas sat confidently at Supremo's Pizza Station on the Red Side of D-hall when Lorenzo entered. After months of searching, Lorenzo hit the ultimate pizza jackpot.

"Yes!" Lorenzo exclaimed. "I have never seen such delectable pizza. And what's most impressive is that the main ingredient is Creative Thought."

Lorenzo met with the Director of Dining Services to work out logistics, and bought each one of Skidmore's Pizza Chefs. Lorenzo Megabused the Pizza Chefs to his New York City shop, where they will start work on Monday, April 1st. Lorenzo feels confident that this new team of highly skilled Pizza Artists will advance his business.

In the meantime, Skidmore Dining Services is actively working to find new talented pizza chefs, so students can expect to be deprived of pizza until a new staff is hired.

Skidmore Dining Services is well known for their culinary excellence, and now Lorenzo's pizza shop will own a slice of this greatness. 

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