Creating space on campus for Skidmore students to jam

Posted by Kristin Travagline

Due to the increasing scarcity of space on campus, Skidmore College is taking steps to create a temporary space for unchartered student bands to practice.

Robin Adams, assistant director of Leadership Activities, is heading the project and hopes to have a sound proof trailer installed near Falstaff's within the next month.

Various committees are still discussing plans for a permanent space. Adams, however, is optimistic. "I'm fairly sure this will happen, but we're still running it through various committees on campus that raised some concerns, but nothing that we can't address," Adams said.

The temporary space, a soundproof trailer, will cost approximately $10,000 to remain in place until the end of May. Payments will be coming from the Presidential Discretionary Fund, which aims to "support projects that, as determined by the president, are designed to sustain institutional vitality and self-renewal," the Presidential Discretionary Fund application said.

Student bands will have first priority. Student bands will sign up with Adams to practice in the space for a time-span of two to three hours. Once the bands have been accommodated, clubs will then be able to sign up to use the space as well.

"The hope is that it'll become student run entirely," said Student Government Association President Alexandra Stark '11.

"Clubs get first dibs on everything including Falstaff's and the Chapel. For just this one space we are going to reverse it. Ninety percent of what I do here is working with clubs, but I think we all have a responsibility to every student on campus," Adams said.

If the trailer receives a positive response Adams will move forward with plans to establish a permanent structure for student bands to use. Adams is not sure how much the permanent structure will cost, but hopes to build a fairly inexpensive steel structure.

"From the SGA perspective, we are so excited about this possibility and we feel that it's a really great solution to the problems that we've been hearing. We've been wracking our brains trying to figure it out because we know how important it is for student musicians and bands and anyone who needs a practice space to have that," Stark said.

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