Blurbs Overheard! Mar. 5

Posted by Pulp Editors

"Why did you just step away?"

"Because you're not wearing a bra."


"And it's cold."

Overheard in Wiecking Hall


"I wonder how Miles Davis would have gotten along with Robert Byrd..."

Overheard outside the Embury Apartments


"Have you ever seen a black angel?"

"Saw a black cupid."

Overheard in the first floor of Case Center


"What was that Machiavelli said? 'If fortune is a woman...tie her down?'"

Overheard in the Scribner Library

Non-student assaults Saratoga Springs officers in Scribner Village (Updated): Man injures two officers while resisting arrest for illegal possession of drugs

Campus Safety Incident Reports, Feb. 17 to 29