Blurbs Overheard 10/10/13

Posted by As heard Eleanor Rochman

"When I was your age, I was 18"

"romantical relationships are difficult when there's two people involved."

"When I'm having girl troubles, I just let my beard grow out."

"There's some guy dressed in tweed smoking a pipe outside of case. So Skidmore."

"What kind of nationality do you think Glotzbach is?
"It sounds like some kind of amish condiment, or, like ghetto mayonnaise."

person #1: "so, how are your fur-lined leggings?"

person #2: "Great! I..I.. feel like my legs are in a cloud."

"One time, when I was drunk, I told all my friends I was an illegal immigrant."

person #1: "no but seriously, you guys, I used to have slight arachnophobia."

person #2: "What? You used to have slutty rat phobia?"

-- realm: 3th floor of library

     "someone should scream really really loudly"

      "sound does not exist on the fourth floor"

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