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The Next Generation: 4 Young MLB Prospects Who Will Make an Impact in 2016

The 2016 MLB season is officially underway. All of the work teams put in during the offseason and in spring training is now put to the test through a grueling 162-game schedule. Every year, many major sporting news outlets publish their opinions on who the top prospects are for the season. These prospects have the potential to make huge impacts on MLB rosters during the season. However, prospects can also turn out to be flops. Today, I want to focus on a few prospects who might make a significant impact for their teams in 2016.

Predicting the Studs and Duds of the 2016 NFL Draft

Since we are less than a week away from the draft (which will be televised on ESPN Thursday April 28th), I want my predictions for each selection in the top ten on record. To clarify, I am basing these predictions based on what I think other teams will do rather than what I personally would do. Moreover, I think it would be boring for there to only be predictions for the top selections. So, I am also going to project whether each player will be a “stud” or a “dud” over the course of his career. Hopefully no one will look back at this when one of my duds becomes a Hall of Famer. 

Ranking the Greatest Finishes In Sports

The final moments of this game easily rank as some of the most thrilling I have ever seen. But was Villanova/UNC the greatest finish in sports history? Without further ado, here is my take on the greatest sports endings; and for the fun of it, they will be joined by comparisons to famous movie climaxes that aroused similar feelings of emotion. Fair warning, spoiler alert!

March Madness 2016: Six Teams That Could Bust Your Bracket

Contrary to past seasons, the 2016 college basketball regular season was largely defined by a lack of consistency among the top teams. But with March Madness about to begin, three clear favorites have emerged. The NCAA Championship betting line  at TopBet favors Kansas, with North Carolina and Michigan State close behind. Judging by expert predictions, public sentiment is clearly in line with these championship odds. But you tell me, do any of your friends have a bracket with only one of these teams, or perhaps none at all, in their Final Four? Didn’t think so.

How Important is the NFL Combine?

The National Football League’s scouting combine, an event that has exploded in coverage in the last decade, wrapped up last week.  Even if you are an avid football fan like myself, you really did not miss much. However, if you watch Sportscenter or read articles on many sports websites, you will find that the combine always receives a lot of attention. 

Why Play Division III Sports?

Most of us believe that a stout academic background is as important, if not more so, than an athletic career. With Division III sports comes a certain expectation that, as freshman basketball player Jack Byrne states, education will be “the top priority” and that athletic triumph should not be placed on a higher pedestal than academic success.

Super Bowl 50: Peyton’s Last Rodeo

“This might be my last rodeo.” Peyton Manning uttered these words to Patriots’ head coach, Bill Belichick after the Broncos’ 20-18 AFC Championship win, a win that booked Manning and company a one-way ticket to Super Bowl 50. Will this be the last ride for one of the most storied quarterbacks in football history?