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A Follow-up with the "Friends of Skidmore" Commission

A recently published SGA article featured the creation of a new commission called, “Friends of Skidmore” Commission on Sobriety and Recovery. The article focused on the formal legislation of the commission and covered the bylaws by Julia Budsey ‘19, SGA VP for Club Affairs, but did not explain the full scope of work and research that has contributed to the formation of this initiative.

Green Notices Rile Students; The Clery Act Explained

In 1986, a young girl by the name of Jeanne Clery was raped and murdered on LeHigh University's Campus. Jeanne’s death triggered a wave of change in campus safety legislation. This event was a catalyst because of its nature: her death could have been prevented if there had been an alert system. Without an alert system, Jeanne did not know that there was a mysterious man in her residence hall.