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A Late End to the Semester

If you have taken a second to look at the calendar for this semester, you will see that it officially ends on December 23rd, unlike last year when it ended almost a week before Christmas, on December 19th.  The second big change is that this year we have class off for Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism, a day off we did not have last year.  

 When asked what the biggest adjustment for students coming to college is, most will tell you it’s freedom. This freedom translates to the ability to concentrate their studies in a particular field they find most interesting. The nature of a liberal arts college is to encourage students to explore various topics such as the natural sciences, humanities, and arts—regardless of a student’s major—to ensure they receive a well-rounded education. Enrolling at Skidmore is like clicking “accept terms and agreements” to this goal.