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College Admissions Boards Are Supporting Peaceful Protesters

On Feb. 25, Skidmore College publicly stated that high school students suspended for peacefully protesting will not be penalized by admissions, joining the rank of other universities -- including Brown, Brandeis, and Northeastern -- that have made similar statements. This move proves the validity of youth movements, but also brings into question how to effectively protest, especially for the Skidmore students not protected.

Pronouns in the Classroom: Balancing Sensitivity and Progression

Through an email sent out to all tour guides, the Admissions department announced students may now include their prefered pronouns on their name tags. At Skidmore, most students feel liberated to be themselves; finding comfort in the support of their peers -- a support they may not get at home. However, one student’s experience cannot determine how others will react to similar situations.

Going Test-Optional was the Right Choice

On Friday, April 1st, Skidmore officially went test-optional, beginning with students applying for the class of 2021. As a student who spent countless hours of my junior year in high school taking the ACT twice and spending Saturday mornings on tutoring, I wish that Skidmore had made this decision several years ago.